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Adobe Instructor-led Course

Flex 3 and LiveCycle Data Services:  Integrating with ColdFusion 8   (3 days)

Onsite and private classes available. Please enquire directly for details...


Flex 3 and LiveCycle Data Services: Integrating with ColdFusion 8 provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience connecting their Flex font ends to remote, dynamic data using LiveCycle Data Services. This two day course instructs developers how to connect with remote data using web services and LiveCycle Data Services' features allowing communication with a ColdFusion backend. In addition, skills will be learned how to manipulate and format the returned data.


$1,495 per student

Group discounts available (for groups of 4 or more, enrolling to take the same class together on the same dates).


This course is designed for application developers who want to connect their Flex font ends to dynamic data. To gain the most from this class, you should:

  • Have attended the Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications course.
  • Have equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in F3RCA.

Course Outline

Introduction to Flex and ColdFusion

  • Flex 3 and ColdFusion
  • Reviewing the course prerequisites and objectives
  • Reviewing the course outline
  • Integrating Flex applications with ColdFusion
  • Understanding the Flex services configuration file
  • Using the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder
  • Using CFEclipse

Using ColdFusion Components with Flash Remoting

  • Understanding Flash Remoting and the RemoteObject class
  • Calling CFC methods with RemoteObject
  • Using RemoteObject Events
  • Complex Remote Method Calls
  • Remoting Service Runtime Configuration

Using the ColdFusion Wizards for Flex Builder

  • Understanding the ColdFusion Wizards for Flex Builder
  • Using the CFC Value Object Wizard
  • Using code from the CFC Value Object Wizard
  • Modifying data with Wizard methods
  • Using the ColdFusion/Flex Application Wizard

Managing Data on the Client

  • Understanding collection classes
  • Filtering Data on the Client
  • Sorting data on the client
  • Using the IViewCursor interface

Providing XML to Controls with E4X

  • Understanding XML structure
  • Working with XML data in ActionScript 3
  • Using E4X Expressions
  • Using the Tree control
  • Using Tree Control Events and Properties
  • Using E4X Expressions for Search
  • Removing Items from XML

Introduction to LiveCycle Data Services

  • Introducing LiveCycle Data Services
  • Creating a Flex project for use with ColdFusion and LiveCycle Data Services
  • LiveCycle Data Services Features
  • Using BlazeDS

Using the Message Service

  • Introducing the Message Service
  • Sending Messages
  • Receiving and processing messages
  • Sending and receiving complex data
  • Using the Message Service with ColdFusion Event Gateways

Using the Data Management Service

  • Data Management Service Overview
  • Creating a Data Management Service destination for use with ColdFusion
  • Using the Data Management Service in a Flex application
  • Managing changes to data
  • Managing changes to data
  • Using DataService Events
  • Advanced Data Management Service Features

Uploading Files to ColdFusion

  • Implementing file transfer basics
  • Uploading a file

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