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Adobe Instructor-led Course

Flex 3: Using ActionScript 3   (1 day)

Onsite and private classes available. Please enquire directly for details...


Flex 3: ActionScript 3 is a comprehensive introduction to the ActionScript 3 scripting language, taught in context of Adobe Flex 3. Beginning with simple declarative statements and core syntax, and moving through control and data structures, by course completion you will have learned intermediate Object Oriented Programming, including static classes and interfaces.


$495 per student

Group discounts available (for groups of 4 or more, enrolling to take the same class together on the same dates).


This course is designed to comprehensively introduce the ActionScript 3 programming language. To gain the most from this class, you should:

  • Have already attended the Flex 3: Rich Client Applications training course, or have equivalent experience with using MXML in Adobe Flex 3
  • Be familiar with using Adobe Flex Builder 3

Course Outline

Introducing Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications

  • Introducing Mastery Learning
  • Understanding the Course Format
  • Reviewing the course prerequisites
  • Reviewing the course outline
  • Setting up the application files

Introducing ActionScript 3.0 Syntax

  • Understanding basic syntax
  • Declaring variables and their type
  • Data type conversion
  • Using language operators
  • Mathematical operators
  • Instantiating objects
  • Creating and populating instances of the Array class
  • Working with generic objects ("associative arrays")
  • Using the ArrayCollection class

Learning ActionScript 3.0 Control Structures

  • Manipulating String data
  • Using the Alert class
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • Using switch/case statements
  • Using the Date class
  • Working with iteration (looping) statements
  • Writing and using user defined functions
  • Separating and including ActionScript and MXML files

Object Oriented Programming in ActionScript 3.0

  • Introducing Object Oriented Programming Terminology
  • Writing a class definition
  • Declaring class methods
  • Re-using code through inheritance
  • Writing and using an interface
  • Using static classes and methods to persist local data
  • Understanding static methods
  • Storing data using the static SharedObject class

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