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Halcyon Solutions offers services in the following areas:

Corporate and Business Advisory Consulting

In our business group, we provide corporate and business advisory services to early and emerging stage technology companies. We assist companies in managing all of the business issues that arise when starting and growing a web or mobile based technology business (including legal, human resource and intellectual property issues).

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services include the architecture, design, project management and development of advanced highly interactive Web and mobile applications using Adobe technologies like Flash, Flex, Flash Media Server (FMS), Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS), AIR, ActionScript, Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), and Adobe ColdFusion.

We are a complete solutions provider with expert software architects, software developers, creative web designers, hardware engineers, project managers and media producers. We provide experience and expertise in rich internet applications, applications for mobile devices, content management, and video on the web - from storyboard to stream.

We also offer staff augmentation consulting. Our senior architects, developers and designers are available to act as subject matter experts to supplement your existing team's core areas of competency or as additional manpower staffing to embed in your team (onsite or remote).

We have in-house expertise in general software design and development, with particular emphasis on:

  • Video player development and integration.

  • Realtime applications. Realtime video chat. Realtime text chat. Realtime charting. Realtime data driven applications.

  • Streaming services including encoding, hosting and archiving.

  • Data driven applications. Complex. Transactional. Realtime. Data warehousing. Data analysis. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Technology Training

Our technology training services include training on the latest Adobe technologies by highly rated Adobe Certified Instructors on staff. See our Training Page.

Technology Development

Halcyon Solutions specializes in building data-driven mobile and rich internet applications and interactive multimedia video streaming applications.

Halcyon Solutions is actively developing a range of products for security & surveillance, content management, customer support, realtime chat (video and text), and video archiving and presentation software.

If you would like to learn more about working with us in our proven areas of expertise, please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you.

Learn more about Halcyon Solutions. >

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